We toured across the country to analyze the best of the best in terms of methodology, curriculum, techniques, and time duration. After having multiple sessions with tutors, educational experts, and students’ demands we finally reach our destination. Our Author Engr. Khawar Mahmood has more than 10 years of experience in Cadet/Military/PAF Colleges Preparation. There are hundreds of students who were prepared and successfully accomplished their goals. Now they are serving the Nation.

So far we have developed ASAN Cadet/Military/PAF Colleges Admission Guide for Students seeking admission in 8th standard in various Cadet/Military/PAf Colleges nationwide. As per the requirement of students, we split the content into three (3) parts i.e. English (Book 1), Urdu-Islamiat (Book 2), and Mathematics – Science (Book 3).

ASAN BRC Guide for Balochistan Residential College Loralai (Balochistan) Students seeking admission in 7th Standard. ASAN KPK Admission Guide Students seeking admission in 7th Standard in various Public and Cadet Colleges in KPK Province.

ASAN Past Papers and Pre Cadet Books’ series which start from Class 4th to 6th standard.

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